Typically security is one of those topics that get discussed after the horse has bolted. Today’s security incidents can be so devastating as to threaten the very existence of the company.

We adopt a layered approach to security which starts with your staff all the way through to intrusion detection and wireshark baselining. We are here to give practical advice on what simple steps you can do to defend your business from the continuous attacks your are receiving. When we look at a typical firewall we see around 100 attacks an hour and we will turn technical jargon such as Packet State Inspection, VLAN’s , DMZ into easily understood laymans terms so you can make the right choice for your business.

We work with a number of film companies that handle sensitive film data and this requires a high level of systems protection combined with physical monitoring. Intune Computer Services is able to provide a one-stop shop for your needs.

PCI Compliance

Are you taking credit card payments and storing the information inside your systems? Then you need to be PCI compliant. We can run tests against your systems to ensure they comply and make security changes where necessary.

Contact us to discuss your security or PCI compliance requirements.