We believe Mac & Windows based operating systems can live in harmony in todays businesses, you should no longer constrained by their differences. We don’t just preach, we practice, our team of experienced support engineers use both Mac & Windows based devices on a daily basis.

Many of our clients ask us the question ‘can I buy a Mac laptop for work?’ our answer is YES. Apart from a few specific Windows only applications, we find the majority of our clients can switch to using Mac products without issue. Many of our clients use a Windows desktop in the office and choose a lightweight Apple Macbook to work on the go and from home, switching between them at will.

Often a ‘best of both worlds’ approach delivers the best results, the reliability and flexibility of a Microsoft server delivering business grade services to both Mac & Windows based computers.  Services such as a business grade email exchange, seamless printer sharing, file sharing and permission control can be delivered, regardless of your preference of Mac or Windows.

Cross Platform Networks

 We can deliver:

  • Full file sharing facilities
  • Exchange email integration
  • Cross-platform database solutions
  • Shared internet access
  • Cross-platform network printer sharing
  • Access to central file storage and backup

Contact us today to discuss your network and requirements and see how Intune Computer Services can bring your workforce together.

Cloud Services

The cloud, hosted services, magic, dark-arts….whatever you call it, it’s here!  The cloud gives you access to traditional services such as email, file storage and security; accessible from popular internet enabled devices, without the cost and maintenance of physical hardware.

Whilst marketing teams worldwide would have you believe the cloud is the only way to go, we believe many businesses benefit from a more considered approach.  Some companies will no doubt benefit by moving all their existing services to the cloud, some may derive no benefit at all from the cloud, whilst others may find a mixed approach will suit them best, moving some services to the cloud whilst retaining others in-house.

The Intune Computer Services approach to the cloud

When considering the cloud we will discuss with you in detail your business needs and requirements for now and the forceable future.  Taking that information we can advise what path may be best suited for your business.  What works for one company may not be suited to another.  Contact us to discuss how the Cloud is relevant to your business.